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Chartered Estate Surveyors & Valuers

Our Services

Estate Agency

Buying, selling and general brokerage of commercial, residential, Retail and other special land and landed properties for our clients.

Project Management

With our vast experience in real estate project development, we put into work our knowledge, skills, dependable allied professionals and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements in order to achieve desired results.

Feasibility Studies & Viability Appraisal

We carry out research and give a worthy advice and technical report on possibilities and profitability of a project.

Valuation of Assets

We carry out real estate & assets valuation, mineral Valuation, enterprise valuation, plant & machinery valuation, etc for all purposes, e.g. Mortgage, Insurance, Compensation, Sales/Purchase, Record/Account, Going Concern Purposes, etc.

Property Rating & Taxation

We offer complete advisory services on Local Government financing through property rating, preparation of Rating Valuation List, collection and payment of tenement rates and other land/property-based taxes and charges such as Capital Gains Tax, Ground Rent

Property Management

Be it Residential or Commercial edifice, we maintain property rentals by advertising and filling vacancies; negotiating and enforcing leases; maintaining and securing premises.

Development Consultancy

We are experts in providing services that relate to the full lifecycle of a building or development – from design through to the construction, occupation and refurbishment stages. We are commercially focused, dynamic and forward thinking, offering unrivalled expertise across a range of sectors. We enable our clients to deliver projects of the highest quality and to operate buildings efficiently and sustainably.

Facilities Management

Simply put, we plan, coordinate, organise, direct and control support services provided in properties which makes it a serviced property.

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