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Lagos Infrastructure Updates: Building a Greater, Greener Future

Lagos, Nigeria’s economic capital, has been undergoing a significant transformation in its infrastructure over the past few years. The Lagos State government’s focus on infrastructure provision is a critical component of the “Greater Lagos” mandate, which aims to promote sustainable development and a greener future.

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Addressing the Housing Deficit in Lagos through Public-Private Partnerships

Lagos, the economic hub of Nigeria, is facing a housing deficit that is estimated to be about 3 million units, and this deficit is expected to increase to 5 million units by 2025. The government of Lagos state has acknowledged the need to bridge this gap and has taken significant steps towards addressing the issue, including partnering with the private sector to develop affordable housing units. Through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), the government has been able to leverage the resources and expertise of the private sector to create innovative solutions to tackle the housing deficit in Lagos.